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Pool Liners

Domestic Liners

John Elliott pools have been installing pool liners in Kent Sussex Surrey since 1977.

No other installer has our wealth of experience. Our bespoke liners are manufactured utilizing state of the art CAD system computerised plotters and cutters , giving a perfect fit ever time.

All liners are Guaranteed for 5 years although most have lasted fifteen and sometimes twenty years.

Extreme Pool Lining

John Elliott Extreme linings are on site welded , they are double the thickness of domestic liners and have a mid reinforced layer giving incredible strength and durability. John Elliott pools have installed Extreme linings in both commercial and domestic applications. The Extreme lining system provides the answer to the problem of a leaking concrete pool.

We have successfully installed Extreme lining in pools open to the public requiring a material that can withstand much heavier usage.

Material patterns

The world is your oyster. You can mix and match from our large range of patterns to reflect your own style and taste, with a host of liner tile bands and wall and floor patterns.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, request a quote or site visit.

Download our pattern and pool liner examples here to view some of our available products.